Journal article teaching writing as a process

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Approaches to process writing

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Journal Writing as a Teaching Technique to Promote Reflection

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Sep 29,  · Academic hierarchies dictate that students in basic writing classes have little, if anything, to contribute to knowledge production, but increasingly, journals like Hybrid Pedagogy are making a concerted effort to include student voices in their scholarly conversations about teaching and learning.

In this essay, I’ll break down and demystify the format of an article for a general journal. Note that I’m a sociologist, so my insights are field-specific. So, too, must I acknowledge that journals, particularly specialty ones, may have their own style of writing, so the articles you read in them may not follow the format I’ll lay out below.

3–11 The purpose of this article is to discuss journal writing as a pedagogic technique to promote reflection. I first briefly discuss the process of reflection and the research related to journal writing and then offer strategies for implementing journal writing in an athletic training education curriculum.

This article describes a method by which macros attached to toolbar buttons in a word-processor can be used to improve marking of students' writing assignments.

Integrating Technology throughout the Writing Process

By Martin Holmes, The Internet TESL Journal. The Journal of Effective Teaching an online journal devoted to teaching excellence The Journal of Effective Teaching, Vol. 11, No. 2, ,

Journal article teaching writing as a process
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