Laurie shrages argument and view on prostitution in her article should feminists oppose prostitution

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Think Again: Prostitution

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Although Kempadoo urges feminists to understand prostitution in terms of a broader range of social forces, she maintains that feminist theorizing about prostitution should avoid overlooking the agency of women of color by treating them as mere passive victims of oppression (Kempadoo 43).

3 Laurie Shrage Should Feminists Oppose Prostitution Ethics 99 61 is from PHIL at University of Glasgow. Laurie Shrage, "Should Feminists Oppose Prostitution?" Ethics 99 (): An argument that arises in both Satz and Primoratzs articles is the belief that. Shrage, Laurie.

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Laurie shrages argument and view on prostitution in her article should feminists oppose prostitution
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