Writing a newspaper article rubric for 5th

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Writing a Newspaper Article

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Student Writing Models

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Imagine a local newspaper reporter wants to know about your favorite school event. Write to describe the event and explain why it is your favorite.

This sheet should be used after teaching about writing to inform/ how to write a newspaper article. It assesses each of the key features that should be used in an article and allows students the chance to look and see if they have fulfilled each of the criteria.

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Newspaper Article (Teacher Page) to write a news article for. 5. Print out the. Headline News Using the 6 W Questions Template and give a copy to each News Clipping Sample News Article Rubric (Optional) the novel Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. Newspaper: Headline Article.

for Fourth Grade Opinion Writing Check Your Support Rubric Criteria Standard I shared more than one reason for feeling this way W I explained how my reasons support my opinion Wb I included facts and details that make my reasons stronger Wb.

1 Fall Writing Rubric Grades SCORE POINT 6 A Score Point 6 paper is rare. It fully accomplishes the task in a thorough and insightful manner.

iRubric: WRITING A NEWSPAPER ARTICLE- Junior Grades rubric Writing a newspaper article rubric for 5th
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